Design process

Since Architectural terms are common in all of our daily lives, having lived and experienced spaces since the day we were born, and having subjective opinions about our architectural surroundings, we see our client's involvement in the process an essential part of our design, fulfilling their needs while letting them enjoy the experience.
After a detailed meeting laying out all of the client's needs and wishes, we summarize the project program that will be the basis of design. Analyzing all information, including city zoning restrictions, topography, neighboring buildings, air flow, view, etc., we present the client with several design options that show different approaches to fulfilling the project’s potential. Based upon the chosen alternative and with full client interaction, the final design is laid out.
In this process the studio uses a full 3D CAD software, the most advanced of its kind, to help visualize plans, elevations, sections and internal spaces – long before getting started on-site.
We then produce all permit related documentation, detailed construction documentation, help choose contractors and supervise construction phases.